Venere 28 | Cantieri Venere
Cantieri Venere gozzi entirely made in our shipyard enriched with precious woods available in various sizes see our fleet "find out more".
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Venere 28

Description / Technical Sheet

Venere 28 Sport

About This Project

The Venere 28 SPORT is in fact configured as the classic goiter of the Campania tradition: its sinuous lines with rounded stern and a decidedly well-developed bow area are in fact linked to typical construction materials for this type of boat such as mahogany and teak.

Next to the classic taste, the Venus 28 then joins elements typical of modern boats, as demonstrated by the steel rollbar, which also acts as a support structure for the double awning which, on the one hand, protects the driving position, from the other the cockpit. The new Venere 28 Sport, next to the classic lines of a goiter, as in the best Neapolitan tradition, also offers details devoted to performance lovers.


  • Steel roll bar, performs the function of supporting and protecting the driver.
  • Vast outdoor space.
  • Large and comfortable shelter below deck.
  • Man-height bathroom, an uncommon feature on boats of this size.