Venere 28 | Cantieri Venere
Cantieri Venere gozzi entirely made in our shipyard enriched with precious woods available in various sizes see our fleet "find out more".
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Venere 28

Description / Technical Sheet

Venere 28 Open

About This Project

The Open model boasts a large outdoor area and a large and comfortable shelter below deck, the large and clean deck, in precious solid teak wood, allows great freedom of movement, providing both maneuvering and fun. The functional interiors which can be accessed through a passage located in front of the dashboard, have been designed to offer a comfortable shelter for the night.

A combination of the most modern technologies and respect for tradition, the Venere 28 Open represents a valid choice for boaters who want a boat with excellent sailing skills, without wanting to give up the elegance of an original hull and the opportunity to enjoy a shelter below deck.


  • Vast outdoor space.
  • Large and comfortable shelter below deck.
  • Large and clean deck in fine solid teak wood.