Venere 25 | Cantieri Venere
Cantieri Venere gozzi entirely made in our shipyard enriched with precious woods available in various sizes see our fleet "find out more".
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Venere 25

Description / Technical Sheet

Venere 25 Flash

About This Project

The Venere 25 Flash is an elegant, comfortable and spacious goiter ideal for long days of fishing, fun and relaxation. The important thing came, was to get a sturdy, innovative boat with refined lines that resisted time. Agile and dynamic goiter with a high level of handling and stability.

Quality of material needed in every single point of the hull and of every other component depending on the stresses, in addition to the study of the loads to which it will be subjected and the resistance needed during navigation in adverse sea conditions. The Venus 25 Flash, even if small, maintains the same characteristics and the same uniqueness of our fleet.


  • Sturdy, innovative boat with refined lines that resist time.
  • High level of handling and stability.