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Venere Shipyards, skiffs entirely made in our shipyard enriched with precious woods available in various sizes see our fleet "find out more".
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About Us

This shipyard was born from extreme love for the sea from an early age. When I was 8 years old I was already fishing expeditions alone, taking, without authorization, the boats of locals.

So after many complaints from the latter my dad decided to give me a 3.60 meters wooden boat. This is the reason for the passion for boats. I did all the maintenance myself on that boat: motors, wood and paints. At 16 I tried to build an all-wooden tender, almost similar to my legendary first boat that had now become a bit old !! So I got to work and got a result, even for me, of huge surprise. I made a very beautiful and spacious boat with excellent navigability.


It was much appreciated by the best shipwrights in the area. Then at the age of 18 I decided to start doing work on the boats, so I mounted a tow hook behind my dad’s old Ford and with a boat trolley, restored by me, I started this activity.


After many years, in 2007, I began to realize my dream, a skiff model with the bow and the hull like the tender previously made, but this time, with the help of my shipwright uncle. After so many problems and quarrels, I managed to produce the model of the boat that I called “VENERE” for the beauty of what we produced. In fact, my uncle, amazed, told me that it was the most beautiful boat model that he would have ever made but not designed by him.


Since then I’ve never stopped. I had a big hit and shortly I have made many boats, ever more beautiful and comfortable. The shipyard’s novelty is the Venere 25 Flash with ample spaces, in the cabin and outside, and nice bow sundeck. Moving the cabin to starboard, we have obtained a large and comfortable passage to access the bow sundeck and bow technical area for mooring which is also very large and comfortable for maneuvering.


The Venere 25 was born for a more demanding owner. For those who, for various reasons such as mooring, which in many ports cannot exceed 7 meters or for economic reasons that do not require opting for the older sister, the Venere 28. The “Venere 25” maintains the charm, elegance, reliability and safety of the “Venere 28”.


In addition to the “Venere 25 Flash”, in 2016 a 5.70 meter hand was presented, very beautiful and already appreciated, and the beautiful “Venere 38”. After the Cannes Yachting Festival, I had serious contacts with French, Spanish and Croatian distributors. I have started a collaboration with a distributor in north-eastern Italy, who has contacts in Croatia, Turkey and Sweden. We hope to make large quantities but without losing the quality of the large and mythical “VENERE”.

Vincenzo Mangiapia

Cantieri Venere

Venere’s Skiffs, entirely made in our yard, from the design of the engineers to the study of three-dimensional models.

Lo Staff

  • Carmela PiccoloAdministration and beyond

  • Giuseppe SommaMechanical and not only

  • Costagliola RobertoCarpenter, cabinet maker and not only

  • Dorini MicheleCarpenter, cabinet maker and not only